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About Club LH

What is the Club?

Club LH is more than a subscription to premium features on the Let’s Hunt app. Yes, with a club membership you unlock the full power of our online hunter’s network, but more than that you form part of a global community of hunters, all of which have instant access to each other allowing you to know more, do more & explore more. 

We also take the club offline with exclusive discounts from great hunting brands & shops, hunting deals found nowhere else, offline member-only events, annual auctions, conservation efforts, pro-hunting media campaigns, and so much more.

The hunting landscape is evolving. Join Club LH to reap the rewards and be a part of hunting’s great comeback! 

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*Please note that LH’s default currency is the Euro €. Our system will auto-convert your final amount in your chosen currency. Currencies are converted in real-time using the OER api.

Unlock Your Hunting World, Online

Welcome to the world’s first digital hunting club. More members, more opportunities, more impact, and more benefits.

Unlock More Features

To name only a few, club members can add a profile badge (Club Member / Industry Professional), access to the exclusive Club LH group, Upload & Share Videos platform wide, create their own groups, Share Documents in groups, forums and direct messages & even write for the LH Magazine.

LH League & Rewards

On LH, all users earn points for various activities. But with LH League club members gain access to the cheat sheet, telling you exactly how to easily, and quickly, earn thousands of points. Your points are then used for entry into hunt giveaways & unlocking special discounts from our partners.

Exclusive Benefits

Club members enjoy exclusive discounts negotiated by the LH team. Expect monthly updates to new benefits such as discount on gear, reduced hunting fees and more. Members are also eligible to win our monthly giveaways.

LH Clubhouse

Gain entry to the Club LH Clubhouse - the gathering place of serious hunters from around the world. Here you will find a convenient overview of everything happening in the industry from news articles to activity from other club members.

Sell & Advertise

To sell on Let's Hunt, users must be Club members. This ensures that the quality of products & services on the LH Market remains top notch and that we have full control when any doubts arise. To sell on the market, members need a market subscription. Various options are available, including a FREE tier and zero commissions.

Trophy Book

Although everyone has access to view the trophy book, only serious hunters can add their trophies to the book. Club LH members have the exclusive privilege to share their trophies with the community and even write a hunt report on it for a subtle brag.

Support the Growth of Hunting

Let's Hunt was created for many reasons, but none as important as to create a thriving hunting community. By being a club member, you help us grow this platform to be better and more accessible to new & young hunters from around the globe! The most important thing you unlock when joining the club is supporting the growth & protection of hunting. Other than developing this online utopia for hunters where older & younger generations of hunters connect, we also work with hunting associations from around the globe to promote hunting under the young and ill-informed. Your contributions fuel this and make it possible for us to expand these efforts.


Frequently asked questions

Let’s Hunt is the world’s first social platform for hunters, available on all Apple, Google & Windows devices. LH enables outdoorsmen from anywhere in the world to embrace the sport they love in an online community built specifically for hunters. On LH users will find a familiar experience similar to Facebook enabling you to create your personal profile, share photo’s, start conversations, engage with other user’s content, buy & sell items and services, and so much more. 

Let’s Hunt is, and forever will be, completely free of charge. Many great features are available to all users including a personal profile, connecting with other outdoorsmen, sharing posts and pictures, buying and selling products, and finding the perfect hunt.

Premium features, exclusive discounts and offline events are also available to users who join Club LH. The club is an exclusive membership to what will soon be the world’s largest digital hunting club and is available for the price of a single Big Mac burger – joining Club LH is purposefully affordable so that every hunter can join!

Yes, Let’s Hunt is available in every country on earth and is available on every smartphone, every tablet, and every computer. You can download the app for free, use it for free, and join Club LH at any time to gain access to premium features, exclusive discounts and many more Club benefits.

The developers of Let’s Hunt are based in South Africa. The idea for a hunter-only social network isn’t new, but nobody has had the opportunity to bring it to market. After detailed discussions, input and contributions from many private hunters, and months of sleepless nights, the team at Kleinhans Co. has brought this dream of a hunter’s utopia to the real world. 

With Let’s Hunt experienced hunters can share their knowledge, everyone can find excellent hunts and gear, young hunters can get into the sport easily and NO ONE can tell us as hunters what we can or cannot do on the internet. 

Let’s Hunt does not currently have any open employment opportunities. We do however welcome collaboration with other brands and technologies. Please feel free to contact us at with or for more information. 

Let’s Hunt is the global hunting community, online.